12:00-12:45 Igloohome 19/2

 12:00-12:45 Igloohome 19/2

Τίτλος: Γνωριμία με την igloohome και την ενσωμάτωσή της στην αγορά της βραχυχρόνιας μίσθωσης

Πως τα προϊόντα της ingloohome αναβαθμίζουν τις υπηρεσίες των hosts και βελτιώνουν την εμπειρία του guest.

Παρουσιαστής: Θάνος Λιάτσος Product Manager

Thanos Liatsos is a mechanical engineer.

Since 2002 he has worked as a production organization manager and deputy quality assurance manager in precision engineering. Afterwards, he switched to the electronics trade in positions of responsibility.

Since 2012 he has worked as a product & category manager in ecommerce of a large retail chain. Since 2020 he joined Info Quest Technologies as a group product manager in the xiaomi ecostystem part, gaining valuable experience in smart solutions and services and lately he is product manager for IGLOOHOME products & other brands that have smart living solutions.

Laure De Deus Correia

Laure De Deus Correia is the Country Manager France region and Europe Vacation Rental specialist at igloocompany. 
Laure’s speciality lies within the vacation rental solutions sector and since 2018, she has been working within the industry, leveraging her expertise to help thousands of property managers enhance the customer experience for travellers, while also saving time so they can focus on their core business such as: acquiring new properties, increasing direct bookings, and expanding their client base. In addition, she also handles key partnerships and integrations within the short-term rental industry for igloocompany.
She is committed to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer service to help revolutionize the vacation rental industry.
Laure looks to make the hassle of physical keys a thing of the past with igloocompany’s exclusive AlgoPIN technology.