Dimitris Tselios

Co Founder Nomad365

Dimitris Tselios, a seasoned professional at 52, holds a distinguished degree in Marketing and Communications.

With a remarkable entrepreneurial journey spanning 15 years in Greece and Cyprus, he's been the driving force behind the success of companies like EXPOTECH, PERSONEL, and DC media.

Over the past decade, Dimitris has been a dynamic force in the field of Life & Business Coaching.

For the last five years, he's embraced a digital nomadic lifestyle, with his recent year predominantly spent in the vibrant landscapes of Asia.

Dimitris brings his expertise to academia, where he serves as an esteemed instructor for the Consulting & Life Coaching program at the University of the Aegean, leaving an indelible mark during the academic year 2016-2017.

His commitment to professional growth is evident as a founding member of the Hellenic Coaching Counseling Mentoring Association (www.hccma.org), where he held the distinguished position of Vice President from 2017 to 2018.

He is also a prolific author, having penned impactful self-help books, including "Escape from the Cave" & "111 Questions, Whose Answers Will Change Your Life".

His passion for growth extends to creating transformative personal and professional development training programs, like “Leadership Academy,” “Rising Minds,” “Brand Yourself First,” “Restart Experience,” “Challenge777,” “Goal Master,” and most recently, “Travel&Grow,” tailor-made for those aspiring to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle. (www.dimitristselios.gr)

Dimitris is also deeply committed to community development. He's worked closely with the municipalities of Thessaloniki and Glyfada, implementing impactful personal and professional development educational programs for citizens.
Furthermore, he is the co-founder of the "Hopeaholics" solidarity group, where he channels his energies towards positive change.

In addition, he holds the position of President of the non-profit organization "Mentoria" (www.mentoria.gr).

He is a Co-founder of Nomad365, a company that provides specialized services to Municipalities, Tourism ministries, Airbnb hosts, and Hotels. (www.nomad365.org)

10:30 - 10:40

Saturday 10th of February

Digital Nomads: Embrace the future of hospitality

Dimitris Tselios

Co Founder Nomad365